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Hector Crespo

Upon meeting the computer science department at NJCU, Hector realized his passion for video games could lead to a career as a video game designer.

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Caitline Fortich

Always trying to figure out how the mind functions, she left suburbia to attend college in the most diverse city in the country.

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Ricky Santiago Cruz

Ricky intends to pursue a career in higher education administration to continue leading and developing the student leaders of the future.

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Laura Bustamante

Laura Bustamante '18, B.A. in Political Science and National Security Studies, graduating Summa Cum Laude, while also playing women's soccer for NJCU, is today the Vice President of Tonio Burgos & Associates (TBA) New 花儿直播. Insider NJ鈥檚 2022 LGBTQ+鈥檚 Power List in New 花儿直播 has recognized Laura as a rising star in politics.

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